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Each feed item is converted to following MIME-complaint mail message:

From: "Feed's title" <feeder@localhost>
Date: Item's updated/published date, now otherwise
Subject: Item's subject
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
[X-URL: link presented in the item] (maybe multiple)
[X-Enclosure: enclosure link presented in the item] (maybe multiple)
[X-Author: author's name] (maybe multiple)
[X-Categories: item's comma separated categories]

Base64-encoded item's content. That is HTML as a rule.

Each message is placed under HEX(SHA512/2(title+content)) filename. Unfortunately many feeds do not provide any date information at all. Often multiple entries contain the same date. So you can not solely depend on update/publish date.

mtime is properly set for each newly created mail message. Also it is set to feed’s update/published date for new/ and cur/ subdirectories.